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Glow In The Dark Pork?!

January 9, 2010

From today’s SCMP:

Shenzhen pork glows in the dark

GUANGDONG – A man bought a piece of pork in a Shenzhen supermarket on Wednesday that glows in the dark, The Southern Metropolis News reports. He noticed something unusually bright in his kitchen and was shocked to discover it was the meat. The glow appeared to come from around the bone.

I suppose there are  questions to consider:

1) Is this really true?

2) Holy Cow! If this is true what the hell has someone been injecting into the pork?

3) WTF? Doesn’t a lot of the pork sold in Hong Kong come from farms in China’s Guangdong province, how likely is it that you might find a glowing pork chop in my fridge soon?

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